Zhanna is said to melt the heart of anyone who is listening with her voice, which is often described as angelic. She creates an instant connection with her audience, whether she is singing for ten people or ten thousand — once she begins to tell her story, whether by using her speaking or singing voice, people instantly connect — you can visibly see them lean in, moving by the emotions and the sentiment that she delivers.

Combining her passion for teaching and music with her deep need to uplift and connect with others, she is living proof that you can have it all: she is a successful entrepreneur, a caring daughter and a thoughtful sister as well as a loving mom of two amazing kids.



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Private VIP Concerts and Keynote Musical Engagements

Zhanna offers both Private VIP Concerts as well as Keynote Musical Engagements, which combine her gifts for music and inspirational speaking. She is available for conferences, team building events, personal growth seminars, commencements and personal growth retreats. She has performed at military hospitals, elementary and middle school assemblies, and numerous synagogue and church gatherings all over California.

During her performances, audiences will experience a wide range of emotions, from the nostalgia of childhood and memories of the past through to the present moment, engaging with stories told through her songs, affecting a complete and authentic connection. Her specialty is in the combination of her speaking and singing voice to create an inspirational and transformational experience, skillfully merging inspirational speaking with song to create an irresistible and magical blend of hope, faith, lightness, belief and the ultimate realization of the beautiful soul within, and the deep knowing that you can truly have it all!




Custom Song Productions

This feature/service are for:

Businesses or individuals
Babies-to-be (before they are born)
Valentine’s Day
Christmas and other holidays
Business owners with live events

As if it’s not amazing enough to have Zhanna write a Signature Custom Song for you, when she performs it live in front of your audience… Whoa! Get ready… you’re in for a real treat.

You can choose Zhanna to sing your song, or have someone else sing it. However, when Zhanna takes the stage, it’s gonna be something special. Zhanna’s silky vocal style is reminiscent of Norah Jones or Sarah Vaughn. Combined with her very up close and personal delivery style, she’s been known to give an audience goosebumps as her voice fills the room with electricity.

After writing your Signature Custom Song, Zhanna has lived and breathed what you stand for. She can’t help but pour her whole heart and soul into singing your song live. You have to see and feel the depth of emotion she brings to life to truly understand the lasting affect that this kind of performance has on people. Zhanna is a bona fide professional singer with a powerful yet playful stage presence. She steals the show as a Keynote Performer, special appearance at any meeting or event, and entertainer for private concerts.

Her specialty is combining her speaking and singing voice to create an inspirational and transformational experience.

Music has always been Zhanna’s identity. She has performed far and wide to both large and small crowds. She brought the house down performing in front of 20,000 people at well-known festivals in both Russia and the United States, and was the winner of Shanson, an international songwriters and performers contest on Russian National Radio. She’s been a guest on New York Radio, Bulgarian Radio, and Israeli Radio programs, as well as being featured on the radio in San Francisco. Zhanna has had many great musical and inspirational mentors, including John Assaraf, Lisa Sasevich, Lorah Lorengmeir, Sonia Ricotti, Lisa Nicols, Shawn Stephenson, Bill Barren, Tiamo De Vittori, Tony Robbins, and Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable opportunity that will set you apart as a leader. Contact Zhanna today for your very own Signature Custom Song performed live by Zhanna and professionally-recorded on CD.


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