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The Mission

Hummingbird Academy is on a mission to empower women and children of all ages to live the kind of purposeful life that they always wanted for themselves, their families, and humanity as a whole. Men are invited too.


The Aim

We want to spread more love, compassion and peace, and raise the vibration on our beautiful planet by inspiring every soul who comes our way to embrace the new way of being.

You are in a safe and loving space designed to help you to unlock, follow and succeed with your Big Dreams, and break through any internal limitations you might have.

Zhanna Shpits, founder of the Hummingbird Academy

Zhanna Shpits, founder of the Hummingbird Academy



We want you to know that


We are so glad you are here. You are

  • loved

  • seen

  • appreciated

  • you matter!

The Hummingbird academy is where impossible becomes possible - whether through our one on one or group coaching programs, live seminars, training or transformational keynote presentations combining the inspirational word and soulful songs.


Let the journey begin!

Pick your free gift from Zhanna. 

Schedule a 15 minute chat with Zhanna to get connected and find answers to your most burning questions. What a perfect timing for doing this now!

An insightful article for loving parents with kids under 7: “Musical Advantage”. 5 reasons your child will benefit from music education.

Mp3 with Zhanna’s original song: “just be”. It is proven to instantly put you in a state of harmony and peace. A great companion for your daily adventures.


What do people say about Zhanna?

Coaching Testimonials:

After your talk, I felt equipped with more tools to move closer to my dream. I love that you bring so much heart, humor, and passion while creating a safe space for me and the audience to open up and share.
— Vaidehi Normand, Image Consultant


Custom Song Testimonials: 

Zhanna created and performed a custom song that is the story of my life that I share from big stages in service to hundreds and sometimes thousands of people. What an unbelievable process to work with her and also have the experience of sharing her gift with my community so others can sing along. I was holding back tears as I watched my audience come together with the lyrics and get present to the importance of their own big dreams.
— Bill Baren, CEO, Bill Baren Coaching
Zhanna is a woman of such magnitude. You simply get drawn to her and her message. She gets you. She inspires, uplifts, and opens the door of possibilities for everyone in the room.
— Amy Robe, LegalShield Independent Associate