Intuition as a higher form of intelligence


Michelle Depres

Intuitive Business Strategist and Coach,  Michelle Depres is on a mission to help healers, change-agents and Lightworkers, Remember the Truth of Who They Are, and get their work out into the world. With over 21/2 decades of corporate experience (as CPA / CFO), plus 10 years as a shamanic practitioner / channeler, Michelle brings a unique edge to everything she touches.   Born a natural Intuitive, Michelle lives at the crossroads where Spirit meets the physical.  This uncanny combination allows Michelle to apply “Intuition” to grounded business strategies, and to create solutions where others remain stuck.

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Ashley Ludlow

Ashley Ludlow, best known for her song, "All Grown Up", is a nostalgic, indie pop/folk singer and songwriter. Her music inspires and encourages listeners to see the great value in life and the fantastic role they play in it. Originally from Utah, Ashley has performed for hundreds of thousands of people at venues like Abravanel Hall, the LDS Conference Center, and the Cathedral de Madeleine. She is self-taught on piano, guitar, and ukulele, and has been writing and composing original music for 20 years. She enjoys speaking on stage and teaching in workshops about the power of self-confidence, and the value of embracing the inner child. Ashley's debut album, "Like A Kid Again", was released on 1/7/17 and can be purchased on her website: Ashley has been married for 10 years and has four beautiful children with one more on the way.

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